Sunday, November 13, 2011

Gemeni horoscope 2012

In 2012 the gemini are good aspected to love, but at the financially weak.
Money is a real ordeal for gemini in the first months, ie until May, when he sees a small reviliment. Saturn conjunction Uranus makes gemini will be unable to pay its taxes and here are some possible health problems. People born in the next decade have an increased risk of losing work or change.
Gemini must have great patience with your partner and forgive blunders that they will be in 2012.
A big problem will arise since September, when your partner will give them the sad news about your love life. Acts of jealousy should be avoided in those days and spent more time in the family.
Those born after 1977 have the opportunity during the summer months to find the desired partner.
Chapter health is under Mercury conjunction in the first 6 months and months are favored breathing problems and hypertension. In the second half of 2012 in conjunction months enters Gemini and Venus are the premise that health will be good until the end.

Taurus horoscope 2012

In 2012 Taurus will have big trouble with health. If health is relatively good in the firsts month, starting in April will be problems caused by stress and leading to depression, and for those born between 1948 and 1954 are prerequisites for pre-infarction. It should be borne in mind that starting in June in Jupiter enters Taurus and it will be likely that natives sign of heart disease.
Money is a chapter disastrous for bulls and it is possible that 2013 will be the same. In May, June and July are some improvements, but since August financial problems will come back, unfortunately not until the end of all favorable evidence.
Most affected will be native born in the first and second decade with ascending fire sign and the ground. They have problems at work and bosses will always have something to reproach. In no case have to take leave in June or July because Jupiter is in conjunction mert house of work and makes the return to work possible layoffs bring.
Love is for bulls one of their strengths and especially after August are prerequisites for binding of lasting friendships. Taurus women are good aspects in the summer months and can conceive a child.
Spouses of bulls are affectionate, gentle and will wear with your copy. There will be problems but also for those who are jealous, because Jupiter does not allow envy and hatred. Natives born under the sign of fire will be the most

Aries horoscope 2012

Aries will get many surprises in 2012 from the stars. Unfortunately most will be bad and related to the sphere.
In the first three months of 2012, the rams are facing difficulty in paying their rates and will be more warnings from banks that will call home several times. Most affected are native born after 1968, which in 2012 are about to be fired.
Since May, rams born in the first decade of the plan will recover financially and are prerequisites for a raise.
Health 2012 Aries is a chapter in the first months alternate with seasonal diseases and May after problems with stress. After August 2012 to join a health and normal track to November are not major issues. In December the attention must have heart failure.
In January and February Aries natives who work outdoors are more likely to get sick and have paid great attention to health chapter. Problems will be and those born in the second decade and working in a toxic environment, because Jupiter is in your sign and make health in the first six months to be a weak chapter.
In the second half of the most affected by the financial crisis will be those born after 1972, and a bank loan is not indicated, because in the last months of the year, Venus conjunction Uranus will be impossible to pay installments on time.
To love rams are happy to have some affection for the person loved, but for those without partners are premises that after mid-April to find. In June will be some dissension in the family due to Venus Uranus conjunction that will be more jealous and more jealous of your partner's achievements.

Japan Italy hockey 13.11.2011

Competition Hockey Hungary Cup
Date: 13 november 2011
Game: Japan vs Italy

Time: 13:30
Result half 1: 0-0
Result half 2: 1-1
Result half 3: 0-0
Result final 1-1
Result extra time: 1-2

Czech Russia hockey 13.11.2011

Competition Hockey Karjala Cup
Date: 13 november 2011
Game: Czech Republic vs Russia

Time: 12:00
Result half 1: 0-0
Result half 2: 1-0
Result half 3: 0-2
Result full time: 1-2

Arjen Robben biography

Arjen Robben is a football player from Netherlands.

Place of birth - Bedum, Netherlands

Date of birth - 23 January 1984.

Senior career - Groningen, PSV Eindhoven, Chelsea Londra, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and national team.

Married - Bernadien Eillert.

Children - Bernadien

Maria Sharapova biography

Maria Sharapova is a professional tennis player from Russia.

Real name - Maria Yuryevna Sharapova.

Place of birth - Nyagan, Russian.

Date of birth - April 19, 1987.

Married - no.

Children - no.

Germany u19 Egypt u19 13.11.2011

Competition international friendly u19
Date: 13 november 2011
Game: Germany u19 vs Egypt u19

Time: 11:00
Result half time: 0-0
Result full time: 3-0

Roger Federer biography

Roger Federer is a Swiss professional tennis player.

Place of birth - Basel, Switzerland.

Date of birth - - 8 August 1981.

Married - - Mirka Vavrinec.

Children - Myla Rose and Charlene Riva.